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The Kenobi

Regular price $415.00


Lightspeed ahead, like a dash through the galactic star scape you go. Fetch the force with this one and don't be afraid to shine true. Built from a downed Delta-7 Starfighter in the far reaches of the galaxy, this ring is lightweight, strong and touts genuine titanium and carbon fiber for those impossible missions. 

Don't be fooled, this ring is not made with dyed fiberglass like you will find everywhere else. We are the only ring maker in the world (at the moment) making genuine colored carbon fiber rings using Hypetex® colored carbon fiber. This means, our rings are both lighter, and stronger than others but above that, you can lay claim to its bona fide material heritage. True colored carbon fiber is here! 

Handmade in Salt Lake City from pure titanium and Hypetex® BLUE carbon fiber.