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The Guide

Regular price $490.00


This deer antler wedding band with whiskey barrel wood and carbon fiber is handcrafted in Salt Lake City, Utah, from High West whiskey barrel wood and carbon fiber. 

 Do you love leading tourists through the adventure of a lifetime? Well, this deer antler wedding band is for you! Made from retired whiskey barrels, deer antler, and carbon fiber, The Guide will be your partner as you kindly remind Brenda that a grizzly bear would eat her, god willing...

*Because we use natural wood and deer antler, you may see slight variations in your ring from the images here.

The Guide comes in an 8 millimeter width.

All antler comes from naturally shed deer antler sourced by local shed hunters in Utah.

PLEASE read the article here on proper wood ring care. Add our wood ring care kit to your order to ensure your wood ring stays fresh for life!