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The Desert Sky

Regular price $455.00


This men's turquoise inlay ring with whiskey barrel wood and carbon fiber is concocted and created by one of our very own, The Desert Sky evokes the scenes of a clear night over the wild west. Assuming, you can actually see the sky and not be hampered by light pollution and the urban sprawl consuming our arid and ever-drying landscape. Dual turquoise inlays symbolize the stars in the night sky, or are they satellites, UFOs perhaps? Are we in Roswell?

Because we use natural wood, you may see slight variations in your ring from the images here.

The Desert Sky comes in an 8 millimeter width.

PLEASE read the article here on proper wood ring care. Add our wood ring care kit to your order to ensure your wood ring stays fresh for life!

A portion of every sale of The Desert Sky will be given to Amy, the craftsman who designed this ring.