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The Moab

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This carbon fiber band with moab sand Interior was born out of our passion for the desert of the Southwest, we've captured a small part of a great place so that you can carry it around with you as you go about your adventuring ways. Rings in our Nature Collection combine a durable high strength epoxy resin system with elements from nature to encapsulate more than just the physical elements. Wearing this is just one small way we enjoy and pay homage to the desert we love so much.

In combination with vacuum degassing, heat, time, and forming, we are able to produce these rings with a virtually bubble free, smooth finish, showing off the natural element throughout.

We make this ring by casting directly to the inside of our Bullet Ultralight carbon fiber ring. The red rock sand collected comes from Moab, Utah and is filtered through numerous sieves. We hand finish every single facet and edge of each ring to ensure comfort and fit. 

*Note - Moab sand is naturally more coral in color, just like the iconic Delicate Arch. Once saturated with resin / water or other liquids, however, it darkens significantly. We do our best to represent each ring in the photos here, but yours will be one of a kind!