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The Wave Ultralight

Regular price $155.00


This Ultralight Men's Ring with Wave Carbon Fiber is a slimmer version of its big brother, the original Wave Carbon Fiber Ring. Just as a surfer carves out a path as he drops into a powerful wave, the ring’s pattern echoes the controlled movements of the sport. The Wave Ultralight reveals the inner workings of the carbon weave through waves orbiting the ring’s circumference. 

*This ring is made by taking a thick carbon fiber plate and machining the ring therefrom. Due to this we have seen this style ring fail in medium to heavy duty applications where our Ranger, Racer and Bullet rings will not.

Although we cannot claim this ring to be a "breakaway" ring, we have seen very few instances where it has indeed broken away in cases of getting caught.

Handmade out of 100% carbon fiber in Salt Lake City, UT, our Carbon Fiber Rings are incredibly durable, super light, hypoallergenic, and chemical-resistant.