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The Cowboy

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The Cowboy is our turquoise inlay ring with whiskey barrel wood and a carbon fiber interior. It carries an old school western feel all while providing a solid foundation only afforded by a carbon fiber core. A classic not to be one upped. Its exterior is a beautiful ode to the past but inside, the Old Western is a sure call to the future.

The Cowboy matches with The Cowgirl for a beautiful couples set.

The Wood

We build this ring using reclaimed white oak whiskey barrels from High West Distillery in Park City Utah. You may even catch a whiff of one of our favorites, the Campfire Rye. 

The Turquoise

We've searched for years to find the perfect turquoise that is both real and the exact right color. Turquoise veins in the rock we've sourced must be exposed by crushing away otherwise unnecessary minerals. We then crush the turquoise into finely measured pieces for inlay. 

The Carbon Fiber

As always and with all of our rings using carbon fiber, we use only the best and finest quality US made carbon fiber. 

*Please note - We use real wood from real whiskey barrels which means your ring may look slightly different than the ring pictured here. 

PLEASE read the article here on proper wood ring care. Add our wood ring care kit to your order to ensure your wood ring stays fresh for life!

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